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False Color for Sony Cameras!


Finally it´s there!

* We are shipping - give us one or two days for it. See new manual for now.


After months of shooting tests we programmed our own False Color Exposure Tool for direct integration into FS7, FS7mk2, F55, F5 and the forthcoming Venice.

We work on compatibility to use it also on external monitors like Atomos Shogun, Convergient Design Odyssey, Small HD Monitors and alike, as long as they allow 3D LUT imports.

This is V1_0 of our Tool. It´s better viewable than other hardware implemented False Color functions:

Ouch: Examples of existing false color implementations in other cameras/monitors...
How crowdy looks this??? I always wanted a less messed up False Color implementation that leaves space for colors of the subject and evaluation of a fast S-Log to REC709 turnaround in Post.

Tired of using histogram, waveform and zebra?


Our False Colors for Sony only implement up to 6 colors.

RED: Blown out highlights

RED: Blown out highlights, +100% IRE REC709

Pink/Rosé: highlights with details, 90-100% IRE REC709

Green: caucasian skintone, bright, ca. +1E

Yello: mid grey , +/- 0E

Blue: Blacks with detail

Purple: crushed blacks

That´s so much better - and you can choose LESS colors, if you like!

How does it work?


Of course we can not change the camera´s firmware.

The False Color Exposure Tool has been programmed onto the REC709(800%) Look Up Table (LUT), that can be imported into the camera processing.

Because Sony cameras only offer LUT processing in Cine Mode (using S-Log), you simply use it on top of your S-Log3 picture.

In the FS7 (mk1, mk2, or F5/F55) load in our False Color LUT via SD-Card and take choice between REC709 plus False Color or LC709 plus False Color.

In the Release Bundle you will find different LUTs to choose from, depending if you want ALL 6 brightness colors or if you want to have selected ones only, for a better overall clearity of the picture (for not screwing up the viewfinder to much or to use it in combination with Zebra).

It´s your choice!

The underlying recording of course is S-Log - and in postproducion or edit you simple lay REC709 LUT or LC709 LUT on top - that´s it!

The False Color Exposure Tool comes with an english and (give us some more days:) german step-by-step manual and an explaining video (1 week), so you will be carefully lead into installing and using it.

PUSH/PULL/Exposure Index changes

At the moment we are still testing the False Color Exposure Tool with different ISOs (Exp.Index), looks good for now.

So crazy!!! We spent weeks of shooting testcharts under different light/iris conditions and made intense measurments of the resulting values.

V1.0 released.

First rollout was September 26, the package is now 45 €.

We send it out manually (no automatic download, give us a day or two).

Package includes:

- False Color Exposure Tool

- REC 709 bundle (4 choices)

- pdf manual english

Buy now


About me:


I am a DP, cameraman, editor & producer in Germany.

Since 2006 I am involved into Sony camera- and workflow trainings, meanwhile I am teaching cameraclasses as well in national & international Highschools and Universities.

S-Log was and is one of my favourite babies since it´s birth with the Sony F-Series (F35 and alike). 2015 I started writing the german "FS7 Praxishandbuch" that offers a lot of background infos if you want to shoot S-Log, use LUTs, and use the FS7 day in day out.

I was always thinking of a False Color method for F5 and FS7, so someday we just started...

Want to meet me at IBC?

I will be all 5 exhibition days at the Sony booth, helping out as a freelancer in the camera dept. If you like to meet me, simply ask for me at the Sony reception or arrange an appointment via

I will have a working False Color LUT with me - give it a try!

Uli Mors

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